In Sac City, Sac City Monument Square Historic District is a very popular and recognized historic city. In 2015, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Palaces. It includes the General Sherman Hall built in 1892, Memorial Statue built in 1894, and the American Legion Hall built in 1922. There are some other attractive things like the four World War II era Howitzers.

There are three attractive granite tablets commemorating the soldiers’ lives in Sac Country in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. Many travellers here are exploring the rich heritage of Sac City monument square historic district and get unforgettable travel experiences. They know and ensure that the Vietnam War tablet is a recent installation and does not belong to the historic district’s historic elements.

Different historic places to visit

Sac City monument square historicYou may wish to explore the architecture of the historic Monument Square located in Sac City. You can get a guide to the architecture of Sac City’s historic monument square and decide to improve tourism particularly designed for exploring the historic places. The local Grand Army of the Republic post built the Neoclassical General Sherman Hall in 1884. The name was changed to the General Sherman Post in 1891 to honor William Tecumseh Sherman.

An existing Sac County Courthouse was completed only a half block north of the former courthouse in 1873 to eliminate the turns around this city square. However, the neighbouring GAR obtains the half-block of the property and a hall to honor General Sherman. The New York Sculptor Maurice J. Power played an important role in the work of the soldier’s monument.

Get memorable experiences in tourism

History seekers from around the world visit the Sac City as they get so many opportunities to access the notable landmarks within Sac City monument square historic district beyond their expectations. The Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento is an official residence for the Governors of California. It is a Napoleon 3 style 30 room, 3 story Italian Victorian-type building. It attracts tourists and history seekers due to its wonderful architecture and wonderful interiors and exteriors.

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park serves as an official working place for the Governors of California. It is a small and simple Victorian restored mansion. It is open for visitors from 10 am to 5 pm every day. The furniture plan in this building is attractive. You can explore the bathroom fixtures from the 1800s.