charm of Sac City

Sac City is known for its rolling farm ground, clean and fresh air, and attractive trees. Every traveler on the four-lane Highway 20 in Sac County can get countless chances to discover the hidden gems in this region. If you like to discover trees native to Iowa, then you can travel to Auburn and Grant Park. You can also visit the famous museums in and around Sac City. Do you like to use every chance for uncovering the charm of Sac City’s hidden spots within the schedule and budget? You can focus on the following details and make an informed decision to arrange everything for your trip to Sac City.

Sac county freedom rock

The Sac County Freedom Rock is located on East Main Street. It is a good example of the tribute of artist Bubba Sorensen to veterans located in counties all through Iowa. This freedom rock pays homage to county war heroes as it tells their story with notable imagery and an on-site kiosk. It is open at all times.

The world’s biggest popcorn ball

Sac City is very popular because it has the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball created in the year of 2016 and located in the Sac City Museum Complex. Residents celebrate the long tradition of this popcorn and play the main role behind the success of several popcorn processing companies in the nation.

Andy Williams Birthplace

Andy Williams was born in Wall Lake. The first singing experiences of Andy Williams were in the local Presbyterian Church with his three older brothers as a part of a quartet. His home is located at 102 E. 1st Street. This home opens on weekends in the summer and by appointment. If you like to use opportunities for exploring off-the-beaten-path treasures in Sac City now, then you can visit Andy Williams Birthplace and its surrounding attractions.

trip to Sac City

Sauk rail trail

Sauk Rail Trail is a famous pedestrian and bike trail that starts in Lake View and connects Lake View and Carroll. You can walk or ride on this 33-mile concrete and asphalt trail in Iowa to connect 2 state parks and lakes.

Black Hawk Lake

You may be ready for immersing oneself in Sac City’s nature hereafter. You can focus on the Black Hawk Lake-related attractions. Black Hawk Lake is the southernmost lake located in Iowa and formed by a glacier. It is one of the best lakes recommended for family vacations, fishing, and boating. In the summer, many residents gather here and enjoy concerts. They bundle up for exciting winter activities and watch migrating birds.